2020 Wild West Relay (Virtual Race)

Result File

                                Team Name					Team Category		Total Time

W.E. O'Neil 					3-person team 		no time entered
On Your Left! 					4-person team 		10:46:09
50 Shades of Pain 				4-person team 		10:53:01
Poor Decisions 					4-person team 		11:59:58
Scrambled Legs 					4-person team 		12:09:40
Sweaty and We Know It 				4-person team 		12:56:00
Chafing the Dream 				4-person team 		13:33:00
run.Windsor and the dudes they married 		6-person Ultra team 	no time entered
Rubber Chickens 				10-person team 		27:14:11
VStumblers 					12-person team 		26:48:28
Hamms Unofficial Racing Team 			12-person team 		28:54:54
Lewis County Leviathans 			12-person team 		32:15:33
Soukup Bush - #WhateverItTakes 			12-person team 		33:08:53
Get Growing Gang 				12-person team 		34:03:17
Covid Cure 					12-person team 		40:24:43